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Beaches & Islands


Beach Bošana

Bošana beach is a pebble beach located on the northwestern side of the town of Biograd na moru, next to the marina Kornati and connected by a natural trail with Sv. Filip i Jakov - in this direction there are a number of smaller pebble sand beaches. On the beach of Bošana there is a beach volleyball court and several restaurants, bars and fast food. Directly on the beach Bošana is a children's playground. Sundbeds can be rent.

Kornati Islands

The breathtakingly beautiful Kornati Islands in Croatia are a real highlight and absolutely worth seeing. They lie off the coast of Biograd na moru and impress as the densest group of islands in the Mediterranean! Shaped like small droplets, the barren Kornati Islands are lined up one after the other and form an almost surreal backdrop in the sapphire blue sea. Since 1980 they have been under the protection of the Kornati National Park, and accordingly breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, romantic bays, great hiking trails and a fantastic underwater world, which invites you to dive and snorkel, await you on a trip.

On one or the other island you can also find a small local konobar. The Kornati islands are definitely worth a trip!

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